Project Description


ADOPTED 08/2017

Hi, I’m Guy. I’m a perky 7yr old Jack Russell Terrier and a world class snuggler. I love nothing better than to be next to you while you read, watch tv, play with your phone, whatever. I won’t even bug you to pet me all the time, I make an excellent arm rest. I just want to be near and maybe bury myself in your blankets. Walks are probably my 2nd favorite thing. Need a reason to get out & get a little exercise? I can help you with that.

Though I’d rather be with you, I do fine when I’m left alone. I don’t chew stuff or get into the trash, with the exception of buggering off with the odd (used) kleenex. I’m interested in other dogs and people but don’t always know what to make of them. Before I came to HOPE, I wasn’t exposed to many people or dogs so I can be unsure, when I meet them – I’ll likely bark to let them know. I don’t really know any cats.

As all JRT’s are, I’m adorable. And, as all HOPE dogs are, I’m neutered and up to date on shots.