$5 Feral Friday

Every Friday we will post our Paypal button on Facebook for those wishing to donate $5. The money will be used to spay and neuter the feral kittens that we try to help.

Each feral cat costs approximately $80 to be on the road to good health. We TNR (trap, neuter and return ) our feral friends along with shots and other meds as needed: flea treatment, ear mite treatment, deworming, etc. Many of us have been helping the feral cats for a long time on our own and and it tends to get difficult: we try to socialize the kittens and find them permanent homes plus take care of feral colonies by feeding and TNR.

If you would like to financially support us with our cause; please participate in $5 Feral Fridays. You can donate using the “$5 Feral Friday” Paypal link on our website OR through our Facebook page (Homes for Orphaned Pets Exist).

Thank you for your support!