Become a HOPE Volunteer

There are lots of Saratoga County animal rescue volunteer opportunities at HOPE! As we look at volunteerism and making the best use of our volunteers’ time and talents, we want to ensure that we properly place people in the right kinds of positions. Please note: Volunteers must be 18 years of age.

Please complete this application form if you are interested in becoming a HOPE volunteer. Thank you! We look forward to welcoming you into the HOPE family!

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  • Skills & Experience

    Do you have previous volunteer experience? If so, please tell us about it! Also, please list any special skills that you may have that might be helpful to the shelter (artistic, animal handling experience, carpentry, events, etc.)
  • Physical Restrictions & Allergies

    Do you have any physical restrictions, allergies, or medical limitations we should know about? If so, please tell us!
  • Volunteer Preferences

    Select the areas of interest that you prefer to volunteer for.
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